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April 17, 2024

Driving conversions

How new ways of thinking about arts audiences has boosted subscription sales at Hamburger Abendblatt

This is the story of how the culture desk at Hamburger Abendblatt decided to think outside the box in how they reach audiences and as a result increased the number of conversions from culture content by 37% over a year. It’s about identifying new audiences, like the 400,000 people who sing in Hamburg choirs, or pop-up audiences who are in intense need of information related to a specific event. The success of the culture desk is now inspiring change
in the wider newsroom, and we hope it will inspire you too – this is about how local journalism can benefit from a focus on readers’ needs.

Publisher: Hamburger Abenblatt

Presented by Maike Schiller, Head of the Editorial Culture Team

March 20, 2024

Expanding hyperlocal coverage

Growing local newsletter portfolio with automation

Over the past year, Tamedia has strategically employed automation for content sourcing and production, allowing a substantial expansion of its local newsletter portfolio in communities with as few as 5000 inhabitants. Today, the growing portfolio allows for a personalised and flexible distribution of local content and reaches up to 40% of the inhabitants of the serviced communities with engagement rates way above average. Next up: Fully automated email updates for over a thousand municipalities.

Publisher: Tamedia

Presented by Lea Nowack, Project Manager Digital Products

March 6, 2024

Freeing up newsroom time

How Amedia’s AI sandbox will allow reporters to do more

At the end of February, Amedia launched an AI sandbox, a safe environment for all journalists in the Norwegian local media group to test and use generative AI for various time saving tasks. The objective is to enable more and better journalism by letting reporters use the AI as an assistant, meaning they can spend additional time out in the community covering even more important, local stories. The sandbox environment also has a trust dimension – by setting it up Amedia acts as a guarantor of safe AI use for the purposes of their local journalism. As an additional bonus, Amedia wants their more than 1000 journalists with their use of the new sandbox to help guide their product development organically.

Publisher: Amedia

Presented by Markus Rask Jensen, Director of News

February 21, 2024

Attracting local advertisers

How innovative ad product creates value for readers and local businesses at Bonnier News Local

Bonnier News Local’s ad product “Handla lokalt” (Shop Locally) is easy to understand, easy to buy and has a natural link to social media – all of which makes it attractive to advertisers. Advertisers’ social media posts are tagged to automatically show up in a shared voice widget on the local news site. This creates a win-win-win for advertisers, publishers and readers: Advertisers get direct access to readers – in a trusted local news channel – with updateable messages in real time. Publishers can, at very low cost, sell visibility to local advertisers, who pay a set monthly fee and create their own ads. Readers find all current, relevant local ads from retailers in one place.

Publisher: Bonnier News Local

Presented by Diana Kahsay, Product Developer

February 7, 2024

Reaching young readers

How Stavanger Aftenblad covers junior football like it’s the Champions League

Looking for new ways to attract younger readers, Norwegian regional title Stavanger Aftenblad (part of Schibsted) decided to create a project writing about them rather than just for them. Combining the latest automation technology with more traditional reporting on the ground, the football vertical Mååål! (goal), has a reader promise to cover junior football like it’s the Premier League. A text robot, co-created with Norwegian news agency NTB, takes care of turning all match results into articles, while two dedicated sports journalists report from some of the matches, doing interviews and showing up for the junior football community. The result has been higher engagement – every match has a small group of really involved readers. And thanks to the reporting on the ground, Stavanger Aftenblad is building its brand with a new generation of readers.

Publisher: Stavanger Aftenblad

Presented by Elin Stueland, Project Leader AI

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